Officers & Employees

Board of Directors


from left to right:  Kathy Shelor, Howard F. Schaan, Paul J. Barstad, Stanley J. Buxa, Micheal Faul, Leif B. Lindseth, Steven T. Wangen,


Employees & Officers

from left to right back row:  Howard Schaan, Steve Wangen, Buffy Edinger, Mary Kennedy, Jaculin Klier, Grace Faul, Laurie Bartz, Jim English, Todd Toso, Jared Hanson  front row:  Kathleen Hase, Riley Opp, Leslie Felchle, Julie Schaan, Vernae Bender


Howard F. Schaan, President and CEO; Steven T.Wangen, Sr. Vice President; Jared D.Hanson, AVP/Cashier; Todd L. Toso, Vice President


Jaculin Klier, Loan Assistant; Mary Kennedy, Loan Assistant; Julie Schaan, Receptionist


 Vernae Bender, Assistant Cashier; Buffy Edinger, Teller; Kathleen Hase, Teller; Grace Faul, Teller


  Laurie Bartz, Bookkeeper; Riley Opp, Bookkeeper; Dawn Appelt, Bookkeeper;  Leslie Felchle, Operations Manager 


 (Not Pictured)  First State Bank of Anamoose: Perry Faul, Insurance Agent; Ryan Filler, Insurance Agent;  Linda Dusek, Branch Manager